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Planning & Project

AQIWO provides clients with a variety of services related to Planning and Project Management. Current and recent efforts include the following.

Strategic Planning

AQIWO utilizes a seven step process to facilitate strategic planning with our customers: 1) Review and Develop Vision & Mission; 2) Business & Operational Analysis; 3) Develop/Direct Strategic Options; 4) Establish Strategic Objectives; 5) Strategic Plan Execution; 6) Establish Resource Allocation; and 7) Execution Review.

Continuity of Operations Planning

AQIWO leverages both Infrastructure and Consolidation and Virtualization talents to help customers design and implement Business Continuity and COOP solutions to ensure operation of critical resources and uninterrupted services to our customers.

Portfolio Management

AQIWO's Portfolio Management approach provides customers with insight in to the systematic management of large classes of items managed by enterprise IT. We support three categories of portfolio management to achieve customer success: Application Portfolio, Infrastructure Portfolio and Project Portfolio. Customers are able to maintain balanced scorecards and adjust investments based on feedback mechanisms built into the IT Portfolio Management.

Program Management

AQIWO’s ability to lead multiple projects and project managers concurrently is unsurpassed by any other government contractor. We have developed a program management methodology and tool kit that leverages government and commercial engagements. We are able to staff programs with competent resources, manage budgets, and identify and quantify risks in a consistent, objective, and measurable method.

Project Management

AQIWO's project managers are seasoned professionals with PMP certifications. We have a flexible and adaptable engagement model built upon the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that allows traditional project management as well as agile project management. Our proven methods reduce risk and cost, while increasing productivity and accurate estimation of delivery.

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