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Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Department of Interior

Department of Labor

Department of State

Department of Treasury

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

National League of Families

Capabilities For

Below is a list of our past performance by service line and the agencies we performed the service at.

Information Technology Services

  1. Desktop Engineering: DOL, NRC

  2. Enterprise Content & Document Management: DOL

  3. SQL Service Database Administration: DOL

  4. DevOps Engineering: DOL

  5. ITIL Framework: DOL

  6. Messaging and Data Services: DOL

  7. 508 Accessibility Services: DFC, NRC

Planning and Project Management Services

  1. Strategic Planning: DOL, DTRA, DOS

  2. Continuity of Operations Planning: DOL, DTRA

  3. Portfolio Managment: DOL

  4. Program Management: DOL

  5. Project Management: DOL, NRC, DTRA, National League, Navy

Cybersecurity Services

  1. Security Compliance: DOL

  2. Configuration Management: DOL

  3. Service Account Management: DOL

  4. Patch Management: DOL

Administrative Support Services

  1. Administrative Support: DOL, NRC, DOS, National League

  2. Document Processing: DOL, NRC, National League, Navy

  3. Records Management: DOL

  4. Capital Planning and Investment Control: DOL

  5. Personnel Security: NRC

  6. Medical Coding: DOL

  7. Air Pollution Analysis: DOS

  8. HR Position Classification: DOS

  9. Aquisition Support: DOS

  10. Chemical and Biological Training: DTRA

  11. Logistics and Warehouse Management: DTRA

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