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AQIWO provides clients with a variety of services related to Administrative Support. Current and recent efforts include the following.

Acquisition Support

AQIWO provides acquisition support with a full lifecycle acquisition process that covers planning, procurement, reporting, payment, and closeout. This includes contract administration support, contract documentation support, invoice processing support, contract reporting support, and contract closeout support.

Document Processing

AQIWO provides convenient and cost-efficient document processing services to our clients. This includes helping clients convert their information stored on a persistent medium, like paper-based or electronic documents that include forms, applications and other documents needed for our clients’ business operations, into usable and accessible electronic information.

Records Management

AQIWO provides records management support by helping our clients administer, maintain, and manage digital or paper records in order to help them keep the necessary documentation accessible for business operations and audits. This support includes the creation, receipt, use, storage, maintenance, protection, and disposal of records.

Capital Planning & Investment Control Support

AQIWO provides our clients with capital planning and investment control support (CPIC) by helping them select, manage and evaluate information technology investments to ensure their investments integrate strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, and management in support of their mission and business needs. 

Personnel Security

AQIWO provides personnel security support by helping clients receive, process, and coordinate adjudication of clearance and access requests. This support includes pre-screening, online credit checks, Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint (FBIF) checks, Personnel Investigations Processing System/Central Verification System (PIPS/CVS) checks, Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) checks, Central Personnel Clearance Index (CPCI) checks, Personnel Security Branch (PSB) General Questions phone support, fingerprinting, badging, and escorting.

Medical Coding

AQIWO provides medical coding support by helping clients oversee and implement medical coding assignments and projects, determine the correct codes for patient records, and coordinate with Central Bill Processing. This support also includes technical assistance and training to health care providers regarding billing and coding requirements, answering inquiries about the medical bill processing system, and resolving process and payment systems issues related to CBP.

HR Position Classification

AQIWO provides position classification support by helping clients classify their job positions using federal classification standards. This includes assigning jobs in a standardized scale based on overall duties, responsibilities, and pay level.

Air Pollution Analysis

AQIWO provides air pollution analysis support by providing clients with subject matter expertise on air quality and health issues. This includes interfacing with embassies worldwide and with the Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Control, and other US Government entities. 

Chemical and Biological Training

AQIWO provides chemical and biological training support by ensuring personnel provided to our clients are fully qualified to provide Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) training. AQIWO also provides the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Explosive portion of Preparation for Overseas Movement (POM) training.

Logistics and Warehouse Management

AQIWO provides logistics and warehouse management support by helping clients manage and maintain a warehouse operation capable of shipping and receiving items of equipment and storing hazardous (and all other) substances and materials. This includes equipment calibration, coordinating waste disposal, and maintaining inventory control.

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