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Information Technology

AQIWO provides clients with a variety of services related to Information Technology Support. Current and recent efforts include the following.

Desktop Engineering

AQIWO provides installation, configuration, and support for Desktop/Mobile platforms to include: Hardware, Networking, Operating Systems, Productivity Applications, Peripherals, Virtual Private Networking, Asset Management, Service Desk and Remote Administration across LAN/WAN infrastructures.

Enterprise Content and Document Management

AQIWO provides enterprise content and document management support by helping clients maintain and monitor SharePoint sites for server health and functionality, permissions, usage and activity, network load balancing, and correct operations. We also help clients audit their SharePoint environments, monitor for patches and updates, set up alerts and enforce policies, identify and report on violations, review and manage configurations of accounts and sites, analyze content and storage, and monitor SharePoint trends.

SQL Server Database Administration

AQIWO supports installation, configuration, and support for Microsoft SQL Server. We deploy policies and software via the Government Publishing Office and System Center Configuration Manager. This also includes monitoring and right-sizing server assets to support specific applications and services. Other areas of expertise include: Data Modeling, Stored Procedure/Trigger Development, Performance Engineering, and Backup/Recovery.

DevOps Engineering

AQIWO combines software development and information system security to provide shorter, more secure, and more reliable software development lifecycles. This means streamlining software development by integrating development, operations, and support teams together to combine development, operations, and quality assurance into a single set of continuous processes. 

ITIL Framework

AQIWO has vast experience in service-based architectures, like the ITIL Framework. Many of our consultants have successes in the planning, implementation and operation of Service Architectures in both the Government and Commercial Markets. 

508 Accessibility Services

AQIWO provides accessibility planning and project management services, accessibility information technology support services, accessibility enterprise architecture and framework services, and accessibility training. For our planning and project management services, this includes policy authoring, council creation, work tracking, program management, and project management services. For our information technology services, this includes 508 reviews of HTML, 508 reviews of PDFs, PPTs, Docs and Excel, 508 reviews of videos, and Government-wide Section 508 Assessment Completion. For our enterprise architecture and framework services, this includes mass scanning tool adoption and integration services and VPAT review and database maintenance services. For accessibility training, this includes providing accessibility education curriculum, A111y Champions programs, accessibility lightning talks, and creation and maintenance of an Accessibility Resource Hub.

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